Lawsuit: Ohio Ban on “Non-Essential Business” Unconstitutional

April 17, 2020 Uncategorized 0

Legal Center:  Ohio Ban on “Non-Essential Business” Unconstitutional Without hearings where the State justifies its decisions, the ban violates Due Process Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law ...

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Follow the money, follow the power !

April 5, 2020 Uncategorized 0

by Martin Armstrong To see original article click HERE. We are living not just in interesting times, we are living in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES, which has raised the stakes profoundly toward ...

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Trashing your Rights – and our Economy – to get votes

April 5, 2020 Rights 0

by: By Daniel Bobinski To read original click HERE Has anyone noticed how quickly, and easily, and willingly, Americans gave up their liberties? It’s baffling. I’m watching otherwise patriotic Americans ...

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Liberty Tyranny

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the United States’ Coronavirus Case Numbers

By Matt Margolis To see original story click HERE. When President Trump said this week that the United States had done more testing than South Korea, USA Today was quick ...

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