Gun Grabbers Admit Feds Can’t Enforce Laws Without State and Local Support

By: Mike Maharrey The federal government needs state and local support to enforce gun laws and the anti-gun lobby knows it. On February 12, around 450 supporters of the Missouri chapter ...

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Chisholm v. Georgia (1793) in a Nutshell

By: Dave Benner In 1793, a controversial Supreme Court opinion convinced Congress to amend the Constitution to provide a more explicit safeguard for federalism. Indeed, even Federalists considered the majority ...

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2/20 Awakening to Due Process Violations In America

February 21, 2019 Due Process 0

What has become of real Due Process in America? One story of status quo in the Supreme Court and one story of the public awakening in Houston, TX and demanding ...

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A Colonial Pamphlet Helps Show Why the Constitution’s Necessary and Proper Clause Granted No Power

February 21, 2019 Constitution / Original Intent 0

By: Rob Natelson As I have noted before (for example, here and here) pamphlets written in support of the colonial cause during the years 1763-1774 help us greatly in understanding the language of ...

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Anti-Commandeering, The Legal Basis for Refusing to Cooperate

By: Michael Boldin The Supreme Court actually got one right – and they’ve followed through on this single issue time and time again. On this episode of Good Morning Liberty, ...

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A Look Back…. States Rights in the Pollution Debate

by Greg Heller Does the “liberal” Obama respect the Constitution more than the “conservative” Bush?  From the After months of battling with the Bush administration, California may be close to ...

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A Corrupt Republic? Hamilton, Madison, and the Rise of Oligarchy

February 20, 2019 Bureaucracy / Constitution / Debt / Government 0

by Tony Williams During the 1780s, in both war and peace, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison shared a number of political principles. They had a similar view of human nature, ...

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National vs Local Government

February 19, 2019 Articles / Constitution / Debt / Plunder / Taxation 0

by Clay Barham If you reflect back on how the institutions of governance grew in America, from 1620 to the present, you will see that National Government grew into its ...

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Plunder: An American Way of Life

February 19, 2019 Constitution / Legislature / Plunder 0

By: Walter E. Williams Frederic Bastiat, a French economist and member of the French National Assembly, lived from 1801 to 1850. He had great admiration for our country, except for ...

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Thomas Jefferson and the Burr in Obama’s Kill List

February 18, 2019 Constitution / Deep State / Overreach 0

President Obama’s “kill-list memo” reveals a world of tyrannical political power that used to be the kind of stuff a Jack Ryan would be dispatched to put down in some ...

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